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Our Partners

The Group for Assistance to the Deprived (GAD)

A place to provide attentiveness, to talk and to share around a meal once a month. A friendly time of fellowship which helps us meet new people within the church.



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Aimer Servir Partager (Loving, Serving & Sharing)

A social and humanitarian charity organization in Mulhouse providing different services to people that are in an insecure social situation (food packages, social restaurant, second-hand trade, etc.).

5, rue de l’Yser
68100 Mulhouse.

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Réseau liberté (Liberty Network)

A network connecting different Christian charity organizations that fight to help women who are victims of slave trade in different cities of France.

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Association FREE (FREE organization)

An organization fighting to help young women in Romania. They work to reach the young women who are victims of prostitution, notably to provide them an alternate solution. They also conduct preventative actions against prostitution and slave trade.

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