See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut.


Le Perchoir - Getting involved

A team motivated to serve the group and prepare our evenings... But there is still room for you! Whether in the praise team, technical service, reception or else, come and join us!


Praising God to meet Him is our main desire!

po Le Perchoir – Getting involved


Le Perchoir: Jesus Lounge and fun! Decoration is like a trademark! If you are skilled with great taste and creativity, come and join us!

po Le Perchoir – Getting involved


Sound system & video projection are essential domains to ensure smooth run of our meetings! If you like to make life easier to others and if you are a technician, please don’t hesitate!

po Le Perchoir – Getting involved

Snack & Drink reception

Eating is also something important to us at “Le Perchoir”!! So if you want to make the most of your cooking abilities in service of the youth, please feel free to do so!!!

po Le Perchoir – Getting involved


You know and like social networking? If you want to liven up the community of “Le Perchoir” in between two meetings, you are warmly welcome!

po Le Perchoir – Getting involved
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A whole week to make the most of it!

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